ReNew XR Gains a Reputation for Ergonomics at Curry General Hospital

"Excellent product with great ergonomics."

- Dr. Jessica Carlson, M.D., General Surgeon at Curry General Hospital

ReNew XR is a Fan Favorite for the SPD Team at Holyoke Medical Center

""Holyoke Medical Center enjoys the new ReNew XR handpieces and have had zero issues with them. They are very simple to process in the Sterile Processing Department. We look forward to purchasing more."

- Kraig Burke, Sterile Processing Director at Holyoke Medical Center.

SPX 2022 Beyond Clean Panel Discussion

 "We've never had any issues with Microline and haven't needed any repairs. There have been no complaints."

- Melissa Gifford, Central Sterile Dept. Supervisor - Summerville Medical Center

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Achieving Healthcare Reform's Goals of Higher Quality, Cost Effective Carey through Reposable Laparoscopic Instrumentation

"... the surgeon has a precise, quality instrument with a new tip, the patient is being safely and effectively cared for and the facility is reducing its' costs and environmental footprint."

- Mario Nutis, M.D., FACOG 

Tonsillectomy Using Microline ENTcepsTM 

"To date, none of my patients have experienced post-operative bleeding following an ENTceps® tonsillectomy and they have had much less pain...."

- Amy R. Coffey, M.D.

"I perform a variety of complex and interesting surgeries, from facial reconstructions to Vagus nerve stimulation to treat epilepsy, but out of all the procedures that I perform the ENTceps® tonsillectomies have had the greatest overall impact because of the procedure volume and the significance of the results."

- Farhad Sigari, M.D., FACS

"When it comes to post-op care, many comapnies have claims of less pain and it is hard to quantify that because people have different pain thresholds. What I've noticed with ENTceps® is fewer call backs for pain medications. With other techniques, many patients would call two-to-three days after a procedure saying they felt miserable and requesting stronger pain meds. I haven't received those calls since using ENTceps®."

- Daryl Rheuark, M.D., MS, FACS, Founder of South Bay Sinus in Toronto, CA.

May 4, 2022