SPX 2022 Beyond Clean Panel Discussion

 "We've never had any issues with Microline and haven't needed any repairs. There have been no complaints."

- Melissa Gifford, Central Sterile Dept. Supervisor - Summerville Medical Center

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Achieving Healthcare Reform's Goals of Higher Quality, Cost Effective Carey through Reposable Laparoscopic Instrumentation

"... the surgeon has a precise, quality instrument with a new tip, the patient is being safely and effectively cared for and the facility is reducing its' costs and environmental footprint."

- Mario Nutis, M.D., FACOG 

Tonsillectomy Using Microline ENTcepsTM 

"To date, none of my patients have experienced post-operative bleeding following an ENTceps® tonsillectomy and they have had much less pain...."

- Amy R. Coffey, M.D.

"I perform a variety of complex and interesting surgeries, from facial reconstructions to Vagus nerve stimulation to treat epilepsy, but out of all the procedures that I perform the ENTceps® tonsillectomies have had the greatest overall impact because of the procedure volume and the significance of the results."

- Farhad Sigari, M.D., FACS

"When it comes to post-op care, many comapnies have claims of less pain and it is hard to quantify that because people have different pain thresholds. What I've noticed with ENTceps® is fewer call backs for pain medications. With other techniques, many patients would call two-to-three days after a procedure saying they felt miserable and requesting stronger pain meds. I haven't received those calls since using ENTceps®."

- Daryl Rheuark, M.D., MS, FACS, Founder of South Bay Sinus in Toronto, CA.

May 4, 2022

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