YelloPort™ Port Access System

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YelloPort™ Port Access System

Sustainable & Safe Laparoscopic Port Access System

High Quality Reposable Devices Mean Small Quantity Disposable Elements. YelloPort Trocars introduce the combination of reusable and single-use elements which results in small quantity disposable elements that helps reduce waste, plastic waste consumption, and also reduce cost.

YelloPort Elite™

10mm & 12mm Reposable Universal Seal Port Access System – Accommodates 5-12mm Instruments. Cannulas are comprised of 2 pieces, reusable cannula sheath and disposable valve. Metal obturators are reusable.

  • Reduce Bio-Hazardous Waste
  • Reduce Plastic Consumption
  • Reduce Cost

YelloPort Plus™

Reposable Laparoscopic Port Access System – 3mm & 5mm Systems

The cannula is comprised of 3 parts- the cannula sheath and cap (both reusable) and a small single use (disposable) valve housed in the head. The metal obturators are reusable.

  • Accommodates 3mm & 5mm Instruments
  • High-Quality Reusable Components
  • Pre-Lubricated, Sterile Single Use Valve

YelloPort+Plus™ Reusable Obturators
YelloPort+Plus™ Reusable Cannulas
YelloPort+Plus™ Single Use Valves


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