Laparoscopic Instruments

Our reposable laparoscopic instrument system provides a real solution for delivering value through high quality coupled with lower costs. It features a re-usable handpiece that may be fitted with a number of interchangeable tips. The most expensive component of the device, the handle, is fully reusable, being durable enough to withstand cleaning and sterilization by a hospital’s central sterile/sterile processing (CS/SPD) department. The handle is matched with a brand new instrument tip for every case so the only per procedure cost and waste is the tip.

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Renew Handpiece & Instrumentation

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ReNew Cautery Probe

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M/L-10 Clip Applier

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Visu-Loc Clip Applier

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“Microline has met all of our needs 10-fold – patient safety, surgeon satisfaction and staff/technician satisfaction.” Rachel Chase, RN, Operating Room Manager for Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital