Passionately Committed to Contributing to a Sustainable Future for Everyone

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The Facts

Across the globe, healthcare is responsible for nearly 5% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Hospitals consume 2.5x more energy than other commercial buildings and spend more than $8.7B annually, according to the EPA Energy Star Program
  • Average hospital provider spends more than $72M per year on supply chain functions
  • Majority of materials consumed in healthcare settings becomes waste, disposal of which costs healthcare consumers $10B annually.

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Our Role


In alignment with our commitment to sustainability and the recent trends in legislature, Microline has established a cross-functional committee to improve the sustainability of our manufacturing and operations through carbon footprint reduction, optimization of resources, and elimination of waste.

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Sustainability & Our Values

  • We believe that sustainability is a key element of ethical and respectful action
  • We approach sustainability enthusiastically as a team
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our impact on the environment and the community
  • We embrace and embody these values to achieve optimal results for the benefit of all