Founded in 1987, Microline is a wholly owned subsidiary of HOYA Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. Starion Instruments™ Corp. was acquired by Microline Group in 2009 and officially merged in 2011. Microline Surgical designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of minimally invasive surgical instruments that enhance performance, minimize risk and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

What We Do

Microline's product portfolio comprises of cutting, dissecting, grasping, cauterizing and ligating instruments used in all laparoscopic surgical disciplines, including General Surgery, Gynecologic Surgery, Urologic Surgery, and Bariatric Surgical procedures.

Our Mission

Microline Surgical’s Mission is to:

  • Improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of health care delivery
  • Be the HOYA company offering minimally invasive therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for the Operating Room
  • Be a customer-centric company which develops products that provide unique value, both clinically and economically.
  • Be committed to technical, clinical, educational and service innovation
Hoya Corporation

Founded in 1941 in Tokyo, Japan, Hoya is a global med-tech company, and a leading supplier of innovative high-tech and medical products. Hoya is active in the fields of healthcare and information technology providing eyeglasses, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, optical lenses as well as key components for semiconductor devices, LCD panels and HDDs. With over 150 offices and subsidiaries worldwide, Hoya currently employs a multinational workforce of 38,000 people.

Microline has met all of our needs 10-fold – patient safety, surgeon satisfaction and staff/technician satisfaction" Rachel Chase, RN, Operating Room Manager for Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital