Microline Surgical has consistently supplied innovative, cost effective, eco-friendly products to surgeons for laparoscopic procedures.

Microline holds over 70 patents and was the first to introduce a reposable laparoscopic instrument system to the market. Our dedication to research and development has resulted in high quality, superior performing instruments.

ReNew IV features a patented coaxial fixation design which provides superior security of the tip to the hand piece. Utilizing a proprietary no touch sharpening process results in the sharpest scissor on the market.

LapFinger has a two knuckle design mimicking the movement of the last two digits of the human finger. This device provides anterior functionality, strong retraction, and unparalleled tactile feedback for palpation and dissection.

Visu-Loc features a patented titanium spring clip that produces continuous ligation resulting in superior clip security.

MiFusion employs a patented Thermal Fusion technology that simultaneously seals and divides soft tissue with only direct focused heat and pressure.