Since 2007, Paul G. Curcillo II, M.D., FACS has used the Starion TLS3 Thermal Ligating Shears to perform a variety of laparoscopic procedures. The TLS3 features Starion's patented Tissue Welding technology, which focuses thermal energy to simultaneously seal and divide soft tissue. Curcillo found that by using the TLS3 as a dissector and a grasper, as well as a cutter and sealer, he was able to improve efficiency in the OR.

As the associate professor and vice chairman of the Department of Surgery and director of minimally invasive and robotic surgery at Drexel University College of Medicine, Paul G. Curcillo II, M.D., FACS is always looking for new technologies to advance laparoscopic surgery.

Prior to using Starion's instruments, Curcillo had used a cut and seal device to reduce the number of instrument exchanges during laparoscopic procedures, but he was not completely satisfied with the results. While the device enabled him to both seal and divide tissue and vessels, he still had to rely on other instruments in order to grasp and dissect.

"When I was dissecting out a vessel, every time I switched to another instrument to perform a different function I had to re-identify the vessel, which slowed down my procedures," said Curcillo.

The device was also difficult to set up, which further increased procedure times. "Set up time for the nursing staff and getting the system up and running could often times slow things down," said Curcillo. "They would hook it up and test it and if it didn't test correctly, you would have to start all over."

After meeting with Starion at a conference in 2007, Curcillo began using Starion's TLS3 Thermal Ligating Shears for a variety of laparoscopic procedures, including stomach, colon and lymph node surgery. He was very impressed by the results.

"The TLS3 takes cut and seal to the next level by combining the best of three instruments as opposed to two," said Curcillo. "It does everything that a cut and seal device does, plus it can be used to grasp and dissect. By using the TLS3 , I've minimized instrument exchanges and reduced procedure times."

The TLS3 and Starion's new Universal Power Supply are also easier for the nursing staff to set up, further increasing efficiency in the OR. "The power supply is small, portable and much simpler to use," said Curcillo. "It is a little box that hangs on a pole and is ready to go."