For Littleton, Colorado otolaryngologist Janice Birney, M.D. precision is key to performing safe and effective tonsillectomies. In 2012, she had the opportunity to evaluate MiFusion® ENTceps® from Microline Surgical (formerly Starion Instruments).

"I was using ultrasonic shears for tonsillectomies but the vibrations produced by the device sprayed out into the soft palate," said Dr. Birney. "I was looking for something precise and was immediately impressed by ENTceps. After the very first case I converted from the ultrasonic shears and never went back."

MiFusion ENTceps is a bayonet-style forceps designed specifically for procedures where fine precision, soft tissue fusing and dividing is required, such as tonsillectomy, parotidectomy, thyroidectomy and uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. The key to MiFusion ENTceps' precision and safety is Thermal Fusion Technology (also known as Tissue Welding), which enables the surgeon to quickly and delicately fuse and divide soft tissue, minimizing collateral tissue damage.

"I've had several pediatric patients who required no narcotics at all post-operatively"

Minimal Damage and Blood Loss
According to Dr. Birney, intraoperative tissue damage and blood loss is minimal with MiFusion ENTceps compared with the ultrasonic shears. She also notes that the eschar that forms following a MiFusion ENTceps tonsillectomy is approximately half the size of the scab remaining after an ultrasonic shears tonsillectomy. This minimizes pain and bleeding and speeds healing.

"There's practically no blood loss with ENTceps," said Dr. Birney. "That's great because when you're performing a tonsillectomy on a three-year old child their blood volume is so low to begin with that you don't want to risk losing anything. Furthermore, ENTceps creates a thin scab that is associated with much less pain and less chance for bleeding. I have had no post-op bleeding since converting to the device."

Happier Patients - and Parents
Approximately half of Dr. Birney's tonsillectomy patients are adults and the other half children and while patients of all ages have experienced significantly less pain and bleeding with MiFusion ENTceps versus other techniques, she points out that the most dramatic difference has been in pediatric patients. She notes how children return to their regular diets, school and sports sooner.

"The pain is a lot less, which is a tremendous benefit for children because we don't have prolonged narcotic usage," said Dr. Birney. "I've had several pediatric patients who required no narcotics at all post-operatively - Tylenol® was adequate in controlling the pain. Mothers compare notes and when one mom's child had a tonsillectomy and was on narcotics for 10 days while another's child required no narcotics at all they clearly see how ENTceps makes a difference."