Since 2003, Greg Lammle PA-C has used the Starion Thermal Ligating Shears (STLS) to perform over 700 endoscopic radial artery harvests. The STLS features Starion's patented Tissue Welding technology, which focuses thermal energy to simultaneously seal and divide soft tissue. Lammle found that by using Starion's simple and effective tissue welding technology for vessel harvesting, he was able to reduce procedure times, enhance safety, cut costs and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

Prior to using Starion's instruments, Lammle was concerned about the complexity and morbidity rates of performing endoscopic radial artery harvests. "During an endoscopic procedure, when you are working in a tight space, all of that extra heat is absorbed by the surrounding tissues, including the sensory nerves," said Lammle. "We noticed that some patients were experiencing numbness in their fingers post-procedure due to this heat spread."

After meeting with Starion at a conference in 2003, Lammle began using the STLS and was amazed by the results. "The Starion device allows me to harvest radial arteries without causing any thermal spread to the artery or collateral damage to sensory nerves in people's arms," said Lammle. Our patients are a lot happier. They don't experience numbness in their fingers, they're not sore or bruised and many are wearing watches on their incisions the very next day. Many don't even realize that they had vessels taken out of their arms. It has provided an immense recovery benefit for our patients."

The Starion device consists of two components: a disposable device and a compact 3-lb power supply, making it extremely easy to set-up, clean-up and use. Because the STLS is so reliable, Lammle and his team have dramatically improved their efficiency. They are saving three to four hours per week in the OR.

By using the STLS, they have also cut costs. With the Starion device, their cost to harvest radial arteries has been dramatically reduced, making it an overall superior value.

"The Starion technology is simple and elegant; it allows me to harvest radial arteries without thermal spread or any collateral injury," says Lammle. "Starion instruments are dependable and reliable and without question, better for our patients."