While the traditional cold steel tonsillectomy has long been the standard among otolaryngologists, the technique is often associated with significant intraoperative bleeding and intense post-operative pain. For Alfredo Jimenez, M.D. of Clear Lake ENT in Houston, Texas, MiFusion ENTceps™ offered a logical solution. MiFusion ENTceps enables Dr. Jimenez to perform "bloodless" tonsillectomies with no post-operative bleeding, less pain and faster recovery times - benefits both Dr. Jimenez and his patients appreciate.

Like many otolaryngologists, Alfredo Jimenez, M.D. of Clear Lake ENT in Houston, Texas was trained in cold steel tonsillectomy and had relied on this technique throughout his career. While this traditional method enabled Dr. Jimenez to safely and effectively remove the tonsil tissue, patients suffered from intraoperative bleeding and significant pain during the recovery period.

Less Trauma, Lower Costs and Better Results
In February 2012, Dr. Jimenez learned about Microline Surgical’s MiFusion ENTceps, a forceps-style device designed specifically for procedures where fine precision, soft tissue sealing and dividing is required, such as tonsillectomy, parotidectomy, thyroidectomy and uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

“ENTceps seemed like a logical solution,” said Dr. Jimenez. “While other devices, such as Bovie® and Coblation®, can cause significant tissue damage, ENTceps is less traumatic, less expensive and offers better results.”

The key to MiFusion ENTceps’ effectiveness and safety can be found in Microline’s patented Thermal Fusion technology (also known as Tissue Welding). Unlike conventional devices that use monopolar, bipolar or ultrasonic energy as modes of operation, MiFusion ENTceps employs only direct heat and pressure to quickly and delicately seal and divide soft tissue, minimizing collateral tissue damage.

“I quickly grasped the ENTceps technique and found it very easy to use,” said Dr. Jimenez. “One of the greatest benefits is that it enables me to perform tonsillectomies in a dry field. There is minimal blood loss during the procedures and none of my patients have experienced post-operative bleeding.”

Faster Recoveries with Minimal Pain
From a patient’s perspective, Dr. Jimenez reports that patients who have undergone MiFusion ENTceps tonsillectomies experience significantly less pain during the recovery period compared with patients who have undergone the cold steel technique.

“I’ve noticed less complaints of pain by patients both immediately following surgery and during the first week of recovery,” said Dr. Jimenez. “They wake up easier from the anesthesia and are ready to leave the surgery center sooner. While the use of ENTceps is more expensive than the cold steel technique, the patient benefits and time saved in the surgery center outweigh the cost. It has definitely been a change for the better.”

As of June 2012, Dr. Jimenez had performed approximately 70 pediatric and adult tonsillectomy cases with MiFusion ENTceps, and is using the device to perform parotidectomies as well. He notes that he is not only impressed by the technology but also Microline’s exceptional level of customer service.

“I’ve been very pleased with Microline’s customer service and the fact that my sales rep is always available to answer my questions,” said Dr. Jimenez. “I will continue to use the company’s technology and would recommend it to other ENTs looking to improve patient comfort and care.”