ReNew Electrocautery Probes
The ReNew Electrocautery Probe is a reposable, monopolar instrument that works with high-quality, disposable tips to put greater control in the hands of the surgeon. The four ReNew Electrocautery Tips are easily attached to the insulated shaft using an insulated threaded design to promote optimal safety for the surgeon during electrosurgical use. This design provides the surgeon full control during any procedure because the electrosurgical effect is achieved only where metal is exposed.

  • 34cm Electro-Cautery Probe
    34cm Electro-Cautery Probe
  • 42cm Electro-Cautery Probe
    42cm Electro-Cautery Probe
  • Straight Tip
    Straight Tip
    Disposable - REF:
  • J Hook Tip
    J Hook Tip
    Disposable - REF:
  • L Hook Tip
    L Hook Tip
    Disposable - REF:
  • Spatula Tip
    Spatula Tip
    Disposable - REF:
  • Cap