December 15, 2015

Important Advisory to Prospective Job Applicants

Please be advised that our company and/or affiliates thereof have been falsely identified in an electronic scam in which individuals are purportedly offered or solicited for employment opportunities online through LinkedIn or other services.

Please note that our company does not solicit candidates for, or extend offers of, employment online and recipients of any such solicitations should be guided accordingly.

HOYA Corporation

December 15, 2015

Important Advisory to Law Firms Regarding Scam Email

Please be advised that our company has been falsely identified in an email scam that solicits attorneys for performance of services purportedly on our behalf.

The scam will result in the forwarding of a phony retainer check with a request that you wire the balance to a scam artist's account after deducting attorneys' fees.

The scam arises after the funds have already been wired and the attorneys attempt to deposit the retainer check, only to find that it is a counterfeit check.

HOYA Corporation

BusinessWire APR 22, 2015

The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery Enhances Care and Comfort of Tonsillectomy Patients with Thermal Fusion

Dr. Charles Amenta using MiFusion ENTceps® to minimize tissue damage during tonsillectomy procedures on children and adults
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Surgical Products Magazine APR 22, 2015

Achieving Healthcare Reform's Goals of Higher Quality, Cost Effective Care through Reposable Laparoscopic Instrumentation

April 2015 Surgical Products
Read More AUG 22, 2013

International surgical tool manufacturer expands in Beverly

An international surgical tool manufacturer recently signed a lease with Woburn-based Cummings Properties to rent 68,000 square feet at 50 Dunham Rd. in Beverly.
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Boston Business Journal September 2012

Med-Device Firm Stays on Cutting Edge

September 2012 Boston Business Journal
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Healthcare Purchasing News March 2011

Minimally Invasive Technology Can Maximize Outcomes

2011 Surgical Instruments Guide - page 34
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Laparoscopic Instruments: Organizing the Whirlwind

While laparoscopic instruments facilitate minimally invasive procedures that offer a variety of clinical and administrative benefits-faster recovery times, fewer post-operative complications, greater efficiency-they can present a number of challenges for operating room (OR) and central supply staff.
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Microline Featured in Surgical Products Magazine

Solutions in Surgery Issue. Surgical Products Magazine is a leading source for cutting edge surgical technology.
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